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Master of Fine Arts


Sculpture + Extended Media

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Kendall Buster

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Irvin Morazan

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Gordon Hall


A (dis)Assemblage of the Gallery-Growlery exhibition and writing presents itself as a site of a morphological exploration of language, sound, and objects in tandem with the irreducibly venting black expression. Venting, the black expression never seeks wholeness within objects or language itself for it is a thing-in-itself. Its presence affords critical reception to a residue of delimiting forms. All growls eschew verbal objects for the manifestation of pure phonetics. A growl in a gallery is the growl. The growl resounds through the physicality of the objects and gallery. Also, it unwinds the object-among-objects as the phono-present stretches the discursive and existential limits of the Fanonian phenomenon. Hence, the contention and conjunction between physicality and acoustics—the visual and sonic—is the gallery-growlery.


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