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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Roberto Ventura

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Christiana Lafazani

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Emily Smith


This study explores the needs of teen and young adult cancer patients undergoing long-term chemotherapy treatments and the design of an outpatient clinic that accommodates this population’s unique needs. Most teens endure long-term treatments in a pediatric facility targeted primarily for children, while others are treated in adult facilities. Teens have different privacy and social needs than children, and while they are not adults, they are involved in their own treatment decisions, unlike children. The target age group for this study is teens and young adults, ages thirteen to twenty-two. A common theme emerged from research and interviews conducted in the project: these young patients feel an overwhelming sense of isolation. This informed the design of the clinic, which includes spaces where teens and young adults have private spaces for treatment, but larger group spaces that promote connections among each other. Pathways between the various spaces are important. Incorporating nature, environmentally conscious and healthy materials, accessibility, and comfort were essential considerations for the design. The design hypothesis for this project is that a place that targets the unique needs of teens and young adults could make a difference in their experience and ultimately in their healing.


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