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Doctor of Philosophy


Computer Science

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Vojislav Kecman


This dissertation introduces a novel model for solving the L2 support vector machine dubbed Direct L2 Support Vector Machine (DL2 SVM). DL2 SVM represents a new classification model that transforms the SVM's underlying quadratic programming problem into a system of linear equations with nonnegativity constraints. The devised system of linear equations has a symmetric positive definite matrix and a solution vector has to be nonnegative.

Furthermore, this dissertation introduces a novel algorithm dubbed Non-Negative Iterative Single Data Algorithm (NN ISDA) which solves the underlying DL2 SVM's constrained system of equations. This solver shows significant speedup compared to several other state-of-the-art algorithms. The training time improvement is achieved at no cost, in other words, the accuracy is kept at the same level. All the experiments that support this claim were conducted on various datasets within the strict double cross-validation scheme. DL2 SVM solved with NN ISDA has faster training time on both medium and large datasets.

In addition to a comprehensive DL2 SVM model we introduce and derive its three variants. Three different solvers for the DL2's system of linear equations with nonnegativity constraints were implemented, presented and compared in this dissertation.


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