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David S. Leong

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Dr. Aaron D. Anderson


This paper describes my learning journey as I began to flesh out my system of devising and the resultant aesthetic. The research subject was the production of a new movement play titled Medea Myth. This one act play is a totally devised piece without any text. Unlike some devised work, this play is meant to tell a clear story and was focused on cross-disciplinary collaboration. In investigating the work, I have broken it up into three distinct phases: Inception, beginning at the inciting incident and ending with the first clear storyline; Development, picking up that storyline and developing it to a sequence of full scenes; Production, where the scene sequence is finalized and the show is polished. Concluding each chapter is a section on the learning outcomes of each phase and how I will adjust my methodology in the future. I chose to write this paper in the style of a guide to producing similar work using my experiences with Medea Myth as an object lesson.


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