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Master of Science


Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Dr. Matthew S Halquist

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Dr. Thomas H. Karnes

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Dr. Sarah Rutan


Pharmacokinetic evaluation of 5-chloro-2-methoxy-N-[2-(4- sulfamoylphenyl)ethyl]benzamide in mouse plasma demanded for a suitable bioanalytical method. No reported bioanalytical method exists to-date that can quantify concentration of this compound in any biological matrix. The purpose of this study was 1) to develop and validate a new bioanalytical method using a micro-extraction and LC-MS/MS to quantify the target analyte in mouse plasma and 2) to partially validate the method in whole blood. A bioanalytical method was developed and validated in both matrices for a linear concentration range of 2-1000 ng/ml. For both matrices, the reverse predicted concentration of calibration standards (-8.95% to 12.16% and -9.54% to 12.90% respectively) and precision and accuracy (QCs) were within ±15% (%RSD and %BIAS). Four-hour bench top stability and post preparative stability results for plasma and whole blood matrices were within ±15% and ±20% respectively. Blood –plasma concentration correlation co-efficient was 0.9956 with a slope value of 1.018.


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