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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

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Hooman V Tafreshi


The goal of this study is to quantify the transient performance of microfabricated superhydrophobic surfaces when used in underwater applications. A mathematical framework is developed and used to predict the stability, longevity, and drag reduction benefits of submerged superhydrophobic surfaces with two- or three-dimensional micro-textures. In addition, a novel design is proposed to improve the drag-reduction benefits of lubricant-infused surfaces, by placing a layer of trapped air underneath the lubricant layer. The new design is referred to as lubricant–infused surfaces with trapped air, and it is designed to eliminate the long-lasting longevity problem of submerged superhydrophobic surfaces. The effectiveness of liquid-infused surface with trapped air design was examined via numerical simulation, and it was found to outperform its liquid-infused surface counterpart by about 37%.


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