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The purpose of this study is to determine whether major attitudinal factors are among the predictors of Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) in the Turkish National Police Organization (TNP). It investigates the influences of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational justice on OCB between two police regions (Region I and Region II) of the TNP. The results indicate that job satisfaction has a direct positive influence on employees’ OCB perception. Affective commitment is also positively related to OCB perception of TNP members. Only partial support was obtained for the relationship between normative and continuance commitments and OCB perceptions. Among organizational justice dimensions, distributive justice plays an important role in predicting TNP employees' OCB perception. The relationship between procedural justice and OCB was partially supported. However, interactional justice did not show any association with OCB. These findings indicate that major attitudinal factors are important predictors of OCB in the TNP. It provides guidelines to help TNP managers better understand how to use major attitudinal factors to improve OCB perceptions’ of their members. Some public policy implications should be establishment of OCB-Oriented Policing Unit within the existing organizational structure of the TNP and providing an innovative policy platform that can foster cooperation, coordination, and consultation between TNP and other private and public organizations.


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