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Master of Science


Physiology and Biophysics

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Raphael J. Witorsch


This investigation involved the functional characterization of four Nb2 sub lines (Nb2-U- 17, Nb2-l l , SFJCD l , and D5) for their mitogenic and apoptotic responses to DEX ± PRL treatment. Many protein factors have been implicated to be crucial in controlling the apoptotic and mitogenic pathways. In conjunction with functional studies, an immunocytochemical investigation of four protein signals (NFKB, IKBa, STAT 5b, and the GR) was undertaken in an attempt to establish a relationship between the functional responsiveness of a given cell line and the concentration of a particular protein marker. Comparison of the functional data obtained for the four lines reveals marked differences in behavior in response to DEX ± PRL. The Nb2-l l and U-17 sublines were dependent upon prolactin for proliferation and were sensitive to DEX induced cytolysis/apoptosis in the absence of PRL. Co-incubation of DEX and PRL resulted in both an inhibition of apoptosis by PRL and an inhibition of mitogenesis by DEX. On the other hand, the SFJCDI (SF) and 05 sublines proliferated in the absence of prolactin and were resistant. to the anti-mitogenic and cytolytic/apoptotic effects of DEX. The differences in functional behavior between the mitogen-dependent and -independent cell lines could not be correlated with the expression of a particular protein marker.


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