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Depression and medical condition comorbidity can improve or hinder depression care. Comorbid MD-T2DM is particularly relevant for Black Americans due to increased T2DM risk and less mental health services access. Data from the NSAL was used to examine how co-morbid T2DM/HT and MD affect depression care. Only 19.2% of Black Americans with MD and 23.0% with comorbid MD-T2DM reported adequate treatment. Insurance status explained more variance in depression care than age, sex, and ethnicity. Respondents with MD+T2DM were no more or less likely to receive depression care than those with MD alone. However, respondents with MD+HT were more likely to report adequate treatment (OR=2.09 95% CI[1.20, 3.64]) and anti-depressant use for ≥60 days (OR=2.14 95% CI[1.15, 4.02]). Ethnicity, education and insurance status moderated the effects of HT. Yet guideline-concordant depression care is low among depressed Black Americans, including those with comorbid T2DM.


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