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Julian W. Riehl


The research investigated architecture and engineering design firms that have a reputation for being competent in the utilization of advanced information technologies. It is believed that competency in the use of these technologies has contributed to the ability of A&E design firms to perform engineering design services effectively and efficiently.

Review of the literature suggests that the use of advanced information technologies has had lasting interactive effects on the strategy, structure, management, tasks, and the personnel of organizations. There does not, however, appear to be any dissertation research on the impact of advanced information technologies on architecture and engineering firms. The research conducted addressed critical questions relating to the effective integration and use of advanced information technologies that face firms conducting design services in the A&E industry.

The objective of the research was to determine the impacts that advanced information technologies have had on A&E design firms and to determine if those impacts have been favorable or not. Additionally, a group of "competency" indicators was developed as part of the research. This list of indicators or factors of competency can be used by managers and engineers in the industry to qualitatively assess their individual firms in terms of effective utilization of advanced information technologies.


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