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Phyllis A. Hornbuckle


Albino rats were injected with various doses of d-amphetamine (.02 mg/kg- 9 mg/kg) and subjected to 4 hours restraint in a cold (+5 degrees C) environment. Differential effects on ulceration were observed as a function ot the d-amphetamine dose level. Pretreatment with a .50 mg/kg injection of d-amphetamine significantly inhibited ulceration over that of saline injected, control animals, while a 9 mg/kg dose injection of the drug significantly facilitated it. Such results were explained in terms of a model interaction between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity, and the effect that such activity has on gastric conditions conducive to ulceration.

A second experiment was conducted to further delineate the properties of the proposed theoretical model using drugs which were known to deplete norepinephrine. Differential effects of disulfiram and guanethidine on ulceration were observed and these results were discussed in reference to the theoretical model. Alternative explanations for these results were also presented.


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