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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


Urban and Regional Planning

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John V. Moeser


An insufficient amount of evaluation research has been conducted on Virginia's annexations. This study helps to fill that void by evaluating the Danville - Pittsylvania County annexation. The thesis attempts to determine if the city of Danville benefited from the annexation and if Pittsylvania County was able to recover from the loss that it suffered as a result of the annexation.

In order to evaluate the annexation, data was collected and analyzed for seven research categories: urban services, planning, demographics, community leadership, local government cooperation, economic development, and public finance. In addition, government documents were reviewed to collect information that indicated the economic health of both jurisdictions and interviews were conducted to collect additional data.

The annexation was beneficial for both Danville and the annexed area. It offered Danville the chance to expand its boundaries and to extend urban services into the annexed area which improved the quality of life for many annexed residents. Although Pittsylvania County lost $238,000,000 in tax base as a result of the annexation, by 1996, it surpassed its pre-annexation tax base, and housing subdivisions, commercial shopping centers, and small businesses were developing throughout the County.


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