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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Paul Petrie


The study focuses on how American and Thai shopping centers have evolved and concludes with an example for future Thai retailing: the one-stop shopping center, which is currently enjoying much success in the United States, but which has not yet been introduced to Thailand.

The information about the history and development of American and Thai shopping centers, including types and trends, provides directions for a new Thai shopping center development. In addition to the history, Thai and American cultural and social issues must be considered as well. The study looks at American consumers and their behavior reflected in the space and organization of the American mall as a model for designing Thai shopping centers with respect for Thai culture. In addition, this study reviews the major features of American retail design and their interpretation for Thailand.

American contributions (such as one-stop shopping concept, code applications, and technology) and Thai conditions (location, trends, Thai cultural and social issues) are incorporated into the final design of the one-stop home furnishings shopping center, located in Bangkok, Thailand.


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