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My thesis describes the technical processes involved in producing my work. Illustrations and diagrams complement the manuscript. The sculpture is represented by photographs.

I do not intend to verbally describe what each sculpture attempts to project for itself. I have done and will continue to do sculpture because it makes more sense to me than anything else, including writing about what I have made. The investigation, planning, creating, and presentation of my work manifests itself in the object. I would, therefore, undercut this intent if I attempted to duplicate my sculpture rhetorically.

The works discussed were shown at three locations: Fayerweather Gallery, November 7 to November 23 at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville; Healy Gallery, January 29 to February 11 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.; Salve-Regina Building, February 14 to March 3 at Catholic University in Washington D.C. All concerned faculty, friends, and benefactors were mailed reception invitations. The description of each piece follows in the order each was completed.


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