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This study was conducted to determine if Mivacurium (Miv) was as effective as Vecuronium (Vec) in attenuating Succinylcholine (Sch)-induced fasciculations with muscle relaxant doses based upon ideal body weight (IBW). A quasi experimental design was used to study 60 patients who were randomly assigned to one of three groups. The two study groups were compared to a control group and each other with regards to the incidence and intensity of fasciculations. Either Vec (0.01 mg/kg (IBW)), Miv (0.02 mg/kg (IBW)), or saline (control) was administered in a double-blinded manner 3 minutes prior an intubating dose of Sch (IBW). Both pretreatment modalities resulted in a significant (p < .05) decrease in the incidence (Vec 40%, Miv 60%) and intensity of fasciculations when compared to saline (90%). No significant differences (p > .05) were found between the two pretreatment groups with regards to the incidence and intensity of fasciculations. It was concluded that Miv 0.02 mg/kg (IBW) attenuated Sch-induced fasciculations with the same efficacy as Vec 0.01 mg/kg (IBW).


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