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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Sara Clark


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My art is about seeking answers to personal conflicts while telling a story of a

chaotic journey. I reflect on everyday moments and my thoughts as I discover ways to

make sense of situations and life. I do this by creating textural, vibrantly colored, and

gestural surfaces that emulate the powerful waters of the seas. I want to reveal an

emotionally driven and process-oriented experience to the viewer. While creating, I do

not maintain full control of the media and let the process become part of the work.

I aggressively layer thick paint, glass, and mixed media. I spontaneously apply

spirals and swirls of vibrant color that undulate and rotate like waves of an ocean. The

spirals and swirls are a recurring motif in my work. These forms are ancient symbols of

evolution, growth, and change and reflect the examination of my life. The colors and

marks represent the turbulent and constant chaos of life.


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