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Medical advances in disease management has improved quality of life for women with cystic fibrosis (CF) and now enables them to consider pregnancy. The purpose of the study was to examine women's perceptions of how the demands of having CF influenced their ability to care for their children and continue to meet their own health needs. The study design was grounded theory methodology with a complementarity research technique to incorporate qualitative and quantitative data collection. Participants were 12 women recruited over the Internet and through an adult CF newsletter who completed questionnaires for demands of illness (DOlI) and self care of CF. A severity of illness measure (Nll-I-CSCF) based on medical records was completed by participant's health care providers. Participant interviews were conducted following receipt and preliminary analysis of study instruments. Semi-structured telephone interviews incorporated information from questionnaires. A data matrix containing information from questionnaires and the participant interview was compiled for each participant. Within and across data matrix analysis elucidated patterns which were further condensed into categories. A theoretical model emerged that reflected social, medical, and economic themes of how women worked to sustain and maintain family life and a chronic illness entering the twenty first century. The findings also provided recommendations for health care providers working with mothers with CF.


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