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Dr. Lisa Abrams

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Dr. Beverly Warren

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Dr. Tracey Gendron

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Dr. Ronald Evans


The purpose of this study was to examine the experiences and perceptions of behavioral factors that contribute to successful weight loss in male bariatric patients. By analyzing participant experiences and perceptions, this study contributes to a better understanding of which factors are most important in the postoperative phase of gastric bypass in males owing to successful weight loss. Although there is a tremendous amount of quantitative research within the bariatric population, there is a significant gap within the qualitative literature as it relates to male outcomes. As such, by conducting interviews with 10 postoperative male gastric bypass patients, this study was able to further understand how and why these participants obtained successful weight loss. Furthermore, by identifying relevant categories and thematic responses from the participants, this study may serve future researchers in designing other qualitative studies that target best practices in males for successful weight loss outcomes. The findings of this study indicate that participants found greater weight loss success by following proper eating behaviors and engaging in physical activity whereas support group attendance was not found to be an important factor in successful weight loss. This study also revealed that follow up with the bariatric nurse coordinator was greatly viewed as a positive step in adjusting to lifestyle postsurgery. As such, this supportive role by the nurse coordinator may provide further impetus for the ways in which bariatric personnel interact with patients who might not always be able to see their surgeon for follow-up.


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