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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Tiffany Williams

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Caroline Carrico

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Patrice Wunsch

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William Dahlke


Purpose: To assess the treatment modalities of pediatric dentists for restoring Class II lesions in primary molars.

Methods: A survey of eight cases was emailed to AAPD members, who were asked to choose a stainless steel crown (SSC) or composite resin. Treatment choice was associated with provider type, years in practice, behavior management, lesion detection, and patient age.

Results: Clinically detectable caries restored under general anesthesia were treated more often with a SSC. Faculty and residents chose a SSC at a greater rate. Providers with 10 or more years experience chose a SSC more often.

Conclusions: The scope of treatment planning encompasses numerous factors. Because of the multifactorial nature of treatment planning for the pediatric dental patient, it would be beneficial for the AAPD to produce a treatment planning decision tree in order to better direct practitioners in their development of patient-centered treatment plans.


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