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Master of Arts


Art History

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James Farmer


This project analyzes a database of 118 ceramic sherds that were excavated from the Late Intermediate Period site of Yanaorco, located in the Cajamarca region of the north highlands in present-day Peru, for vessel form, style, and imagery. Through the placement of these sherds within the context of inter-community feasting events that took place at Yanaorco, fineware ceramic vessels are interpreted as prestige items that were utilized by the elite to further differentiate themselves from other community citizens. By examining key examples of representational and non-representational imagery depicted on the sherds, an understanding of the social agency of the vessel and the esoteric knowledge that the imagery communicated to feasting participants is explored. The use of fineware ceramic vessels during feasting events at the site of Yanaorco served to ideologically reinforce or manipulate social, political, and economic stratification.


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May 2013