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Dr. Parthasarathy A. Madurantakam

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Dr. Dayanjan Wijesinghe

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Dr. Thomas Waldrop

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Dr. Al Best


Background: Current research has demonstrated that aspirin and fish oil (EFA) increase plasma levels of specialized pro-resolution molecules (SPMs). This study investigates their effects on SPM precursor pools in platelet rich fibrin (PRF). Methods: Twenty healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to take aspirin; EFA or aspirin and EFA. Four hours later, SPM precursor levels were quantified using combined Liquid Chromatography tandem mass spectrometry. The differences between the groups: Aspirin (yes or no), EFA (yes or no), were analyzed by ANCOVA, testing for group differences after covarying out the baseline value. Results: There were 4 significant interactions, 1 with an aspirin effect, 2 with an EFA effect, and 64 with no difference between the groups. The significant interaction effect was found for the following lipidome: LPE(20:4), LPI(16:1), LPI(18:1), and LPI(20:3). Aspirin decreased the LPG(16:4) levels, and EFA decreased the LPE(22:5) and PG(16:0/18:0) lipidomes. Conclusions: Some SPM precursor pools in PRF were increased following supplementation.


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