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Master of Science


Biomedical Engineering

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Peter Pidcoe, PT, DPT, PhD


One possible solution to common running related injuries is to transition runners from a rearfoot strike during initial contact to a midfoot strike. Natural rearfoot strike runners were studied to see if a modified elliptical trainer could be used to alter their running pattern to that of a midfoot strike runner. Their results were compared to subjects who ran on a non-modified elliptical trainer. After training on the modified elliptical trainer, subjects demonstrated a decrease in foot angle at initial contact when attempting to run with a midfoot strike. Training did not affect all kinetic metrics or stride frequency. However, the kinematic change suggests that there may be an impact on running energetics. Training on the modified elliptical trainer resulted in improved midfoot strike kinematics in natural rearstrike runners when they attempted run in a midfoot strike pattern.


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