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Dr. Gregory Walsh

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Dr. Jennifer Stewart

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Dr. James Lister

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Dr. Sarah Rothschild


An essential process to the development of the neural network of the nervous system is axon guidance. The noncanonical Wnt/Planar Cell Polarity pathway has been identified as an integral component in controlling the projection of axons during axon guidance. Prickle, ROR1 and ROR2 are PCP related proteins that do not have clearly defined roles in the process. This study aims to use zebrafish CoPA neurons as a model to study the roles of Prickle, ROR1, and ROR2 in axon guidance. Using in situ hybridization, morpholino knockdown, and CRISPR/Cas9 loss of function experiments were able to identify ror1, ror2 and prickle as potential required components in CoPA neuron axon guidance. Elucidating the role of these protein in axon guidance not only will increase our knowledge of the PCP pathway but it will also increase our understanding of the development of the nervous system.


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