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Master of Fine Arts

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Matt King

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Kendall Buster

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Corin Hewitt


The knife is a major character in my work. Sections of paper, cut, painted, and bound together form shallow reliefs. In recontextualizing quotidian objects such as fruit, plants, curtains, and shrimp cocktails, they are reconfigured, their original functions replaced with those of physical pleasure and perversion. Caught in private moments of leisure and play, anonymous fetishistic and often mundane subjects pose with theatricality heightened by graphic forms and a high-contrast palette. Strangers exist between actions. Each composition appears to take place before or after an event. Restrained scenes reveal a conservative eroticism. Dark humor and absurdity distill queer images. Themes of control, anxiety, and desire embed within each psychological arrangement. Though based on true stories and real people, the following accounts are fictional, designed to contextualize the aforementioned scenarios.


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