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Kirk Warren Brown


This study investigated the effects of two novel forms of 8-week mindfulness meditation training, focused attention (FA) and open monitoring (OM), relative to an established training, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), on early emotional reactivity to negative emotional images as assessed by electroencephalography (EEG). Data on the late-positive potential (LPP) were analyzed to address whether the three mindfulness interventions attenuated the LPP from pre- to post-intervention, and if significant differences existed between groups in LPP at post-intervention. Rather than an attenuation, results indicated an average increase in LPP amplitude from pre- to post-intervention. No significant differences were found in the LPP between the training conditions at post-intervention. These results provide preliminary evidence that mindfulness training in novice practitioners may heighten initial emotional reactivity. Further, well-designed research is needed to examine a wider range of neural responses to better understand emotion regulation process effects of different forms of mindfulness training.


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