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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design

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David Shields

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Lauren Thorson

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Mariam Eqbal


I am interested in two spaces obverse to each other: open and closed. An open space develops organically based on how people inhabit it. Interacting with an open space is a dynamic, sporadic, multisensory, immersive, and subjective experience. In such spaces, we are confronted with an alternative aesthetic, one that is in conflict with the seamlessness of a closed space. A closed space is anchored on definite variables like structure, use and boundaries. While interaction between people and space is important, the space is tightly controlled and interaction is designed. Through this thesis project, I present a method that metaphorically transforms the experience of a walk through a closed space into an open-ended and immersive experience.

When space develops as a response to our actions, it affords intimacy and a sense of belonging. It facilitates deeper expressiveness through engagement. By applying a method that uses fragmentation, recurrence and motion, I am metaphorically transforming an urban closed space to open. Through this transformation I am creating a fresh person-space dialogue that temporarily destabilizes perception and encourages physical sensation which allows for an intimate experience of the space. An immersive interaction with an open space transgresses the urban sterility of a closed space and is capable of creating a diversity of distinct experiences.


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