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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Roberto L Ventura

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Camden Whitehead

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Sara D Reed

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Christiana Lafazani

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Emily Smith

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Jenifer Fell


As interior designers, we strive to design everything for our clients, from complex environments to the joinery of a chair. We rarely consider inviting our clients or the users to join us in finishing the space.

Read-In workshop is not a school, but a kind of home, a home belonging to children, which provides the possibilities for children to play, to learn, to occupy, to personalize, and to share. An emotional space that will not limit the user, but keep inspiring them. It helps children notice, think, and grow.

Half of the interior space will be a fixed design, designed and fabricated during the first construction phase. The other Half will be designed as a flexible and changeable “framework” space, which allow the users to reorganize, repaint, and refinish, depending on their evolving educational needs and aesthetic tastes. Therefore, this “incomplete” workshop will share control with children. The contents of the framework will be continuously updated by the children who participate in the Read-In arts programs.


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