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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Eser Tüfekçi

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Steven J. Lindauer

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Caroline Carrico


Introduction: Orthodontists increasingly rely on digital models in clinical practice. The ability of modern scanners to articulate digital models must be scientifically evaluated. Methods:Twenty five digital articulated models were produced from four digital scanners in five experimental groups. The resulting inter-arch measurements were compared to the gold standard. An acceptable range of 0.5mm more or less than the gold standard was used for evaluation. Results: iTero® and iTero® Element yielded all acceptable inter-arch measurements. The 3M™ True Definition and Ortho Insight 3D® with Regisil® bite registration produced four of six acceptable inter-arch measurements. The Ortho Insight 3D® with Coprwax ™ bite registration yielded three of six acceptable inter-ach measurements. Conclusions: The iTero® and iTero® Element produced the most accurately articulated models. The 3M™ True Definition and Ortho Insight 3D® with Regisil® were the next most accurate. The Ortho Insight 3D® scanner with Coprwax ™ was the least accurate method tested.


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