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Master of Fine Arts


Sculpture + Extended Media

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Kendall Buster


In our work we prefer asking questions to telling stories.

As a means to invigorate and cross-examine our current reality, our hystories, and our definitions of ‘self’ we peer through a disparate lens cultivating pockets: compartments longing to be filled, gaping holes between maybes, masked, and bound to their binding. We relate these pockets anatomically to that of the 
sublingual space or potential space. It is here, at the tip of digestion, where transmogrification ensues. This evolution manifests as a series of states of possible beings and territories through live scenario. Traversing the possibilities of potentiality: the intermediary that rejects binary distinctions;
 a space for kindling queer questing, celestial spaces, vulnerable and vital spaces where our yes- and no-oriented brains shake hands in corners with their opposites.

With one seed still steeping in our current reality, we wonder of this manifestation of could:

How do we actualize domains with the capacity for continuous becoming?

How do we voice such tempestuous exaltation?

In our work we recognize these striving spheres as a live scenario: environments enacted by formidable humyns, all parts of one entity and breathing a singular breath.
 Performers, linked through laborious action devoted to the amalgamation of the whole, indwell para-lingual states.

Multifaceted, interconnected, inclusive, and fluid, these transmutable bodies exist within a space of alienation. Critical to its existence, these spaces are sensorially immersive, smells of yeasts, fruits, fruits of labor, of perspiration, 
allow visitors to take part in transference. Thus, generating an autogenous system that challenges the social and physiological structures igniting our mistrust for the noxious macrocosm we inhabit.
 A space terrified of becoming the sun, instead, basking under the moon.
 In its magical orientation, night allows for these arcane spaces to both veil and reveal; un-locatable in time, 
absent of gender distinction, and seizing neither a future nor past. Rather, digging within parts lost, suppressed, gaseous, and misunderstood discovering and depicting the things we cannot see.


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