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Doctor of Philosophy


Systems Modeling and Analysis

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Edward L Boone

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Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam


Profile monitoring is a relatively new approach in quality control best used when the process data follow a profile (or curve). The majority of previous studies in profile monitoring focused on the parametric modeling of either linear or nonlinear profiles under the assumption of the correct model specification. Our work considers those cases where the parametric model for the family of profiles is unknown or, at least uncertain. Consequently, we consider monitoring Poisson profiles via three methods, a nonparametric (NP) method using penalized splines, a nonparametric (NP) method using wavelets and a semi parametric (SP) procedure that combines both parametric and NP profile fits. Our simulation results show that SP method is robust to the common problem of model misspecification of the user's proposed parametric model. We also showed that Haar wavelets are a better choice than the penalized splines in situations where a sudden jump happens or the jump is edgy.

In addition, we showed that the penalized splines are better than wavelets when the shape of the profiles are smooth. The proposed novel techniques have been applied to a real data set and compare with some state-of-the arts.


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