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This study investigated the relationship between the sex role self concept of female nursing administrators and the role conflict they experienced. The correlation of age. education and experience with sex role self concept and role conflict was examined. This was a descriptive survey with a purposive probability sample of 126 subjects from three mid-Atlantic states. A mail survey resulted in a useful return of 88 questionnaires, including 81 females.

The Bem Sex Role Inventory was utilized to measure sex role self concept; masculinity and femininity are viewed as two independent dimensions present in every individual. Role conflict was measured by an investigator developed tool designed to examine internal role conflict associated with socialization as a female and nurse while occupying an administrative position.

Masculine self concept, not feminine, had a significant relationship to role conflict. Education was significantly correlated with sex role self concept and role conflict, while age and experience were not. Education had a positive relationship with masculine self concept which was inversely related to role conflict. Size of hospital had a significant inverse relationship with role conflict.


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