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The spermatozoon has been the subject of numerous investigations because of its remarkable specialization for locomotion and fertilization. Although the spermatozoon of the guinea pig is relatively large when compared with other mammalian spermatozoa, its small size has hidden many of the details of its structure from the light microscopist. It was not until the invention of the electron microscope that a thorough study of spermatozoon structure could be accomplished. The following anatomical description is based on the works of Fawcett and Hollenberg (1963), Fawcett (1965), and Fawcett (1970). The principle parts of the guinea pig spermatozoon are the head and the tail with the tail being subdivided into the neck, middle-piece, principal-piece, and the end-piece. These and other anatomical structures which will be discussed are depicted in figures I and II which were taken from the work by Fawcett (1965).


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