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University health services play a very important role in the general health, performance, and well-being of the students, the university itself, and the community. As stated by the American College Health Association, the goal of a university health service is to "promote and maintain those conditions which will permit and encourage each individual to realize optimum physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well-being."

University students have special health care needs such as drug and alcohol abuses, emotional problems, and gynecological, sexual, and contraceptive problems. It is the goal of the health professionals involved with students to meet those needs. Because of these special health care needs, the increasing number of university students, and the present problems associated with medical care and medical distribution, nurse practitioners have become involved in some university percent of these nurse practitioners are in college health services.3 It was believed by the investigators of this study that nurse practitioners could play a special role in this area of health care.

As student health medical directors are key persons in defining nurse practitioner activities, the purpose of this study was to determine the activities the directors identified as appropriate for nurse practitioners to perform in a university health care setting. The type of activities identified by them may be crucial in the decision to utilize nurse practitioners in the university student health setting.


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