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Tegwyn Brickhouse


Purpose: To assess a caregiver’s oral health attitudes, habits, and behaviors pre and post intervention, and to determine whether a particular delivery-style (verbal-only or with visual supplementation) of a motivational interviewing session is more effective in improving oral health behaviors as well as improving success of a chosen preventive goal. Methods: N=140 caregivers of pediatric dental patients were given questionnaires to assess readiness to change and current preventive oral health behaviors. Oral health education was communicated in a MI style (verbal-only or with visual supplementation). One preventive oral health goal was selected to focus on. The home preventive behavior survey was re-administered at follow-up. Results: Preventive home behaviors improved, with no significant difference between interventions. There was significance in the amount of change in items specified as a goal. Conclusions: Behaviors improved significantly after a MI educational intervention. Goal setting and providing oral health education in a MI style can improve home preventive behaviors.


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August 2013

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