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Everett L. Worthington


This study examined the effectiveness of couple enrichment using currently-accepted standards of meta-analytic research, including analysis based upon both fixed-effects and random effects models. Ninety published and unpublished studies comparing enrichment groups to control groups were included in the analyses. The overall mean effect size (0.23) for couple enrichment was heterogeneous, positive, and significantly different than 0. Mean effect sizes for both post-treatment and follow-up did not differ significantly. Methodological and substantive moderator variables associated with publication date, publication source, program type, program length, latency of measurement, mode of measurement, measure type, measure/program congruence, design quality, and researcher allegiance were examined. Effect sizes were significantly greater for observation measures, studies with higher methodological quality, and studies with higher levels of researcher allegiance. Only one moderator, date of publication, failed to be associated with effect size. Limitations of the study were discussed and implications for future research were outlined.


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