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The objectives of this thesis were to examine serum vitamin A levels in two defined populations. The method of analysis was a spectrophotofluorometric technique with a correction formula to account for interfering fluorescence from an identified carotenoid phytofluene (37).

The first population were infants at time of delivery. Infants were divided into two groups depending upon length of gestation. A premature group was identified as having a length of gestation of less than 36 weeks. Term infants were defined as 36 weeks or greater. The mean value of serum vitamin A of eight premature infants was 10.5 μg/100ml (S.E.M.+.78). The mean value of 54 term infants was 22.5 μg/100ml (S.E.M.+.96). Comparing these two groups results in a p value of

The second population studied were patients undergoing periodontal surgery. The purpose was to monitor serum vitamin A levels before and after surgery. The results are inconclusive due to the small number of samples. In this thesis the results are discussed and recommendations are made for future projects in this area.


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