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Purpose: To determine the characteristics influencing periodontal practices in Virginia and report on the anticipated changes in practice.

Methods: A REDCap survey was emailed to Virginia based American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) members assessing personal and practice demographics, trends in dental treatment and practice models, and how periodontists will adjust to account for these trends.

Results: The response rate was 31% (n=46). Respondents report greater referrals from more experienced general practitioners (GPs). Student debt was associated with age. Respondents ranked biologic advances, treatment of peri-implantitis, digital dentistry, development of corporate and group practice models, and GPs incorporating more periodontal services in their practices as most likely to impact periodontal practices. The most reported periodontal practice adjustments included expansion of existing services, increasing the number of periodontists in the practice, and joining with other specialists or GPs to create group practices.

Conclusions: Periodontists perceive the need to expand services, increase number of providers in their practices or create group practice models as future practice adjustments.


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