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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Tiffany Williams, DDS


Objective/Aims: Assess the prevalence of sibling recurrent dental general anesthesia (DGA) at VCU Pediatric Dentistry. Assess factors that contribute to sibling recurrent dental general anesthesia. Methods: The guardian of patients with siblings were provided a questionnaire to assess the prevalence and factors associated with recurrent DGA. Results: A total of 40 families with a child presenting for GA and at least one sibling were included in the study. Of these, 45% had sibling-recurrent GA treatment (20% in one sibling; 25% in 2 or more siblings). Additionally, 13% of the children currently presenting for GA had already been treated under GA, and 15% of the siblings previously treated with GA had recurrent caries after GA. Conclusion: Sibling-recurrent general anesthesia is high at VCU Pediatric Dentistry Clinic. This increased prevalence could be due to parental acceptance and positive experiences with DGA. Dental providers should be pro-active with prevention methods.


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