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Master of Science


Environmental Studies

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Dr. Edward Crawford

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William Shuart

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Dr. Rodney Dyer


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology was used to determine tidal extent in Kimages Creek, a restored tidal wetland located in Charles City County, Virginia. A Sensefly eBee Real-Time Kinematic UAV equipped with the Sensor Optimized for Drone Applications (SODA) camera (20-megapixel RGB sensor) was flown during a single high and low tide event in Summer 2017. Collectively, over 1,300 images were captured and processed using Pix4D. Horizontal and vertical accuracy of models created using ground control points (GCP) ranged from 0.176 m to 0.363 m. The high tide elevation model was subtracted from the low tide using the ArcMap 10.5.1 raster calculator. The positive difference was displayed to show the portion of high tide that was above the low tide. These results show that UAVs offer numerous spatial and temporal advantages, but further research is needed to determine the best method of GCP placement in areas of similar forest structure.


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