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Master of Science


Health and Movement Sciences

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Dr. Edmund O. Acevedo


Overexpression of the enzyme iNOS induces apoptotic cellular death by increasing indices of pro-inflammation and oxidative stress. Aerobic physical activity has been known to have anti- inflammatory benefits and reduce oxidative stress. Purpose: Therefore, this study aimed to examine the impact of aerobic fitness on LPS-induced iNOS mRNA expression and the relationship of this expression with indices of oxidative stress, pro-inflammation and apoptosis in isolated leukocytes. Methods: Whole blood samples from aerobically fit and unfit males were stimulated with and without LPS. Thereafter, iNOS mRNA expression and MDA, TNF-α and p53 concentrations were analyzed. Results: iNOS mRNA expression levels following LPS stimulation were not increased in both groups, and correlational analyses were not consistent with mechanistic predictions. Discussion: Numerous factors including timing of sample quantification, the high level of health of the subject population, and alternative intracellular mechanisms impacting biomarkers analyzed, may have influenced leukocyte iNOS mRNA expression levels.


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