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Master of Fine Arts


Kinetic Imaging

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Robert Paris


The following thesis is adapted from screenplay format. The

document from which it derives serves as a shooting script

for a film/video called A World Without You . The shooting

script contains explicit scene description, camera set-ups

that include angle and lens choices, dialog, and

transitions - all the relevant instruction needed for

anyone to reproduce the film with explicit similarity to

its original. The thesis reflects a series of short videos

I completed as research. In their finished state, the

series of videos coalesce to a single film/video with a

sixty-two-minute running time. That conglomeration emerged

as a “shadow” or “inversion” of a twenty-minute, singlechannel

video loop called Intermission For Deleted Acts,

which served as centerpiece to my thesis exhibition. The

script navigates themes of environmental catastrophe,

companionship, survival, surveillance, and art practice.

The following thesis attempts to keep the screenplay

formatting intact to communicate both its functionality and

aesthetic quality.


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