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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design

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Sandra Wheeler

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Roy McKelvey

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W Camden Whitehead


A fantasy world, that exists only in our minds, provides us a place where we can mentally escape from everyday reality. Escapism, such as indulging in daydreams, allows us to experience comfort and makes us feel safe, eliminating feelings of insecurity and vulnerability.

This study aims to use playfulness and reverie as a tool to access and confront mental discomforts. Transforming disturbing situations into an experience of reverie; a correction of unsatisfying reality, by converting a solid component of the real world into a desirable infinite form will provide alternative viewpoints.

Throughout my work, this method has been employed to address personal phobias, violent conflicts, political insecurity, and racial inequality. It is my hope to employ daydreaming as a form of serious play to provide a new way of perceiving unsatisfying reality.


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