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Master of Science



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Dr. Amanda Dickinson


In this thesis, several techniques were combined to optimize, evaluate and characterize craniofacial development in Xenopus, with additional focus on understanding the alterations made during maturation in the craniofacial region and the cartilage. Three important techniques used were: confocal microscopy in conjunction with Acridine Orange (AO) labeling, Alcian Blue (AB) labeling, and geometric morphometric analysis. I found that facial width increased across all techniques used to evaluate it. Included within this focus was the study of the development of the ceratohyal (CH) cartilage, which supported the mouth and snout. This was also found to increase width wise, in unison with facial and orofacial growth. This data may suggest a link between the face, mouth and CH growth, in which the developing cartilage elongates and widens causing the increase seen in the width and distension of the mouth.


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Available for download on Tuesday, March 24, 2218