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Master of Science


Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Afroditi V. Filippas

Second Advisor

Erdem Topsakal

Third Advisor

Ding-Yu Fei


This thesis describes the design of a rectenna that is capable of operating in 5G. 5G’s availability will create the opportunity to harvest energy everywhere in the network’s coverage. This thesis investigates a Rectenna device with a new proposed topology in order to eliminate coupling between input and output lines and increase the rectification efficiency. Moreover, it is designed to charge a rechargeable battery of 3V, 1mA, with a 4.8mm diameter. The current design describes using one antenna for energy harvesting; this could be expanded to use an antenna array, which would increase the input power. This would lead to higher output currents, leading to the ability to efficiently charge a wide variety of batteries. Because of its small size, the rectenna could be used for the remote charging of an implantable sensor battery or for other applications where miniaturization is a design consideration.


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