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Master of Science


Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Dr Ding-Yu Fei


Previous research 1 on this subject tracked the presumed exact path the HDR source would follow in real-time, during breast brachytherapy treatments in other to ensure accurate dose delivery and effectively confirm actual source position. As a continuation, this research has three objectives. Firstly, we will extract information from patient DICOM file which will be used to perform evaluations, then we will establish communication between our C program and the new Varex Paxscan flat panel detector (FPD). Finally, we will try to embed our C codes into a MATLAB graphical user interface (GUI) This research will attempt to improve the overall existing system in several ways including, code optimization and trying a sample simulation of the process in MATLAB guide app, to check the quality of the new design. Finally, all the algorithms will be integrated into the user-friendly GUI, such that its operation can be implemented easily. The FPD is used to obtain images resulting from the exit radiation of the HDR source, emerging from an organized matrix of markers. The images are processed using in-built functions in MATLAB to obtain projection coordinates, and marker coordinates. Each marker along with its projection constitutes a line in 3D. Using the mathematical solution for near intersection of two 3D lines, N-markers will produce N*(N-1)/2 points of intersection and their mean will produce a more precise source position. The changes in this position as well as the time interval between these changes will be used to confirm the accuracy of our treatment system using the standalone monitoring system built in this research. In the previous study the accuracy of source position detection using the FPD was found to be in sub-millimeter. This study which uses a new FPD with improved features is used to confirm that, but our focus here is improvement of the previous work, as stated earlier.


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