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Master of Fine Arts


Sculpture + Extended Media

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Guadalupe Maravilla

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Massa Lemu

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Gregory Volk

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Kendall Buster


Preserving Psychick Order is an investigation into the subliminal, of a body processing trauma and transition. I explore how my mind and body filter memory, fear, and the impact of the past into the present. Since childhood, making dolls has been a way for me to express complex feelings, especially as they relate to dynamics between biological and found family. By tenderly modeling dolls after my own transforming physical features and mental processes, I make connections between the effects of my mind on my body and vice versa. I like to describe the resulting forms as queer monsters trying to camouflage themselves poorly in my parents’ home in rural Georgia. Unconscious becomes conscious, inside moves outward, and unmasking realizes the self and the trickster within.


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