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The field of design is one that holds the power to empower, bridge gaps, inform, evolve and revolutionize human thoughts. To gain a higher understanding of the correlation of anthropometrics and ergonomics in an embodied space relative to the discipline of dance connecting one’s mind and body. The need for a space that instills a sense of freedom for artists to experience and execute their art and to reside alongside their mentors and traveling artists. The need for a space that can bring the diverse cultures that live in and around Richmond together through an expressive form of art. Providing an educational opportunity for the residents of the space as well as public on the importance of culture preservation and freedom of expression (Iwano, 2003).

Research and precedent studies imply that: Design and dance are complementary forms of visual communication that have similar principles of rhythm, balance and contrast. Performative design can create higher levels of interaction between artists, students and public. The expressions and movements used in dance can be used to inform and evolve the architectural experience in the space.

This research will support the design of an artists- in- residence space for the dance community in Richmond that will contain: A residential space where the artists can reside amongst faculty, students and travelling artists. Practice rooms where they are at liberty to express, practice, educate and engage amongst other dancers. A performance space where they can execute and showcase their expertise and engage with the public. A public community hall for where there is an opportunity for the diverse cultures and other artist communities to connect through dance. A library and a gallery space that gets integarted into the library that becomes part of the educational opportunity wherein they get a glimpse of the evolution of the various disciplines that dance is a combination of.


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