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Master of Science


Physics and Applied Physics

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Michael Reshchikov


This thesis devoted to the experimental studies of yellow and blue luminescence (YL and BL relatively) bands in Gallium Nitride samples doped with C and Si. The band BLC was at first observed in the steady-state photoluminescence spectrum under high excitation intensities and discerned from BL1 and BL2 bands appearing in the same region of the spectrum. Using the time-resolved photoluminescence spectrum, we were able to determine the shape of the BLC and its position at 2.87 eV. Internal quantum efficiency of the YL band was estimated to be 90\%. The hole capture coefficient of the BLC related state was determined as 7 10-10 cm3/s. Properties of BLC were investigated. The YL and BLC bands are attributed to electron transitions via the (0/-) and (+/0) transition levels of the CN defect.


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