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Master of Fine Arts


Craft/Material Studies

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Susan E. Ganch

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Heath Matysek-Snyder

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Bohyun Yoon

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Cynthia Myron


I convey my thoughts through art jewelry; making jewelry is my language of communication and commemoration. Inspired by historical Chinese art and contemporary jewelry, my practice pays attention to bring classical Chinese aesthetics of hazy poetic and ideal arrangement into the contemporary jewelry field. The attention to detail refers to the quiet contemplation and emotional experiences encouraged by each of my works. Through my research, I use metalsmithing language to communicate with non-precious materials finding my own way of expression and meditation. Meanwhile, I build environments that display jewelry off the body in order to construct a picturesque landscape. The research that lead to my thesis work, Through My Windows, which conveys the desire for mental escape. The Jewelry pieces become the keys to open the imagination and emotionally escape into an ideal state through making and viewing them.


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