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Master of Fine Arts


Communication Arts & Design

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John Malinoski


Before I began this thesis, I examined my previous work and a consistent quality emerged. l tended to assemble (synthesize) things (entities) that were seemingly unlike (disparate). I q u e s t i o n e d my approach and its validity as a design methodology.

I found, through investigation into the nature of my p r o c e s s and the process of other artists and designers that specific methods of synthesis could be defined. In this thesis I have outlined three synthesis methodologies. They are not the only methods that exist, but were the ones I focused on for my thesis project.

After l defined these methods of synthesis and did visual and verbal explorations, the possibility of developing a process for generating visual and verbal content occurred to me. I was not sure what the effects of the process would be. It was not until after the thesis exhibition that I realized I had developed a process of elaboration.

For the thesis exhibition I created two and three dimensional exercises based on v i s u a I + v e r b a I combinations These studies were then applied for the purposes of the exhibition.


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